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Brands Promotion 

brandThe project RiderHelp.ru is a unique aid for the promotion of your products: clothes, gear, or even skis for glamorous dogs. 


Krasnaya Polyana is the most expensive Russian resort, which requires proper preparation for riding: good clothing, anti-avalanche gear, protection, ski and snowboards top models, and of course, fashion riding products and accessories. And, it is logical, there is a high concentration of wealthy tourists.



We offer a wide range of opportunities to promote your products:

- Clothing tests, equipment and accessories, with the participation of invited professionals from the specialized spheres.
- Test drives of skis, snowboards, snowbikes and other devices.
- Carrying out various stimulating activities: promotion on the slopes, online and offline prize drawings, contests and thematic surveys.
- Organization of fashion shows of clothing and accessories in trendy establishments in Krasnaya Polyana, thematic Apres-ski party

 * All necessary approvals are included in the list of our services.


Long-term cooperation

In some cases a continued cooperation on the basis of the technical sponsorship of the project or the so-called "riders sponsorship" can take place.

All our visitors personally know the team of RiderHelp.ru, because we give advice on any matter about the trip to Krasnaya Polyana. And this is also our uniqueness. Many riders are asking how recognize me and my colleagues on the slope. They want ride together, shake hand, drink some whiskey Apres-ski. Well, or just thank us for our help. Logically, we can say: "Man, I have a backpack" brandname "of a certain color, such and such a jacket and such and such a label on the helmet." And on the picture on the home page I can look in the same way. 

Tens of thousands of riders have already visited our site. And how many more riders will follow us ... RiderHelp.ru and our team have become the face of Krasnaya Polyana for thousands of people on the Internet. We are seen more frequently than many Russian pro riders. And we have one big advantage - we do not just ride and look good. We help people and they appreciate it!

Riders, to who we help, always ask what they can bring as a gift. First, we asked the magnets on the fridge with a view of the cities from which they arrived. But then the problems started. We ended refrigerators =) 

In general, if You represent Your brand, it does make sense to collaborate. We are confident to 100% in effectiveness of rider sponsorship for our partners.

Feel free to contact us!

Evgeny Matalyga
RiderHelp.ru founder and SEO 
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