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Магазинчик RiderHelp

Евгений Маталыга My name is Evgeny Matalyga and I am the founder of the web project RiderHelp.ru. We propose a new approach to the Russian ski tourism. It’s simple and honest  one. If You understand Russian - start from watching the video on the main page, and a lot  will become clear. Then take a look at the comfortable and unique services, such as a trip calculator, a daily piste-report, our proprietary maps, hot deals on budget accommodation and etc.


Few talk about the another side of the site. It does not a business, but rather a hobby that has become to make money. Our core business - high-tech events, so for any of our partners we can organize a high-quality high-level event. From contests and presentations to large-scale event. 

Permanent team of RiderHelp.ru - is 12-14 people and a cat Burton. Programmers, accomodation department, designers, web designers, SEOs, photographer, interpreters, etc. All of us are snowriders, all in the subject line. The level of loyalty in a riders community is much higher if you a real person, rather than travel agency. And it really works.


  Visitors geography. Moscow - 25%, Krasnodar - 23%, Sochi - 17%, Rostov-on-Don- 10%.   

RiderHelp.ru  offers  several types of partnership, depending on customer needs. But first, some statistics:


In past season of 2011-2012, we helped to come to Krasnay Polyana about 2000 people. Moreover, active contacts with the people there were about 5-6 thousands. And it’s 2.5 times higher than in the season 10/11. The following season we going to increase the volumes.


In November 2011 we had 300 to 600 unique visitors per day. In high season their numbers increased, which is logical, and in January 2012 for the first time exceeded 1,000 people. But the main thing - not the number of contacts, and quality. More than 5 minutes on average spends on the site visitor, and it is very good. We always keep the high quality of content and daily updates. 

During the season 2011/2012 our website has had over 40 thousand unique users – well-of Russian riders. 

Also there is a page in vk.com (Russian largest social network), where up to 2,000 subscribers, and twitter. Social networks we actively use and they bring us to a third of users.

Our demand and popularity is growing and so we decided, having an effective web site, use it for a mutually beneficial partnership. We present advertising on the site and brand promotion.


With the wishes of a long and powder winter
Evgeny Matalyga
RiderHelp.ru founder and SEO 
+7 (988) 144-40-10